An Example of How Magickal Oils Should be Combined

Article: An Example of How Magickal Oils Should be Combined

I’m friends with a single mom whose son attends my daughter’s school.

While I don’t tell everyone about my illustrious history with spellwork and magick, she is one of the few people whom I have allowed into the circle of trust.

So anyway, last week we were supposed to turn in $200+ for a multi-day field trip the kids were taking. My friend — (we’ll call her Kate, though that’s not her real name) — didn’t have the money to pay for the trip. She’s a freelance writer and because of some other bills, she didn’t anticipate having the money for the trip.

Of course, this bothered her. Her son was really looking forward to going and she was looking forward to having some quiet time.

By the time Kate reached out to me, it was already Wednesday — just 2 days before the money was due.


Here was my magickal prescription for her…

1) Cleanse her space with palo santo. When it comes to cleansing good and fast, I love palo santo. I typically burn it, while I walk around the house and pray for a cleansed and blessed space. I’ve also made it into a spray called Lifted for those times when burning wood isn’t possible.

She opted to burn a stick of the palo santo.

2) Take a bath with Blessed Salts. After smudging her space with the palo santo, I told her to take a bath with some Blessed Salts. Just 10-15 minutes of soaking to rele

3) Burn a green candle anointed with Fast Money oil. I gave her one of my small glass encased green candles and she rubbed some Fast Money oil onto the wax at the top of the candle.

As the candle burned, I told her to hold her hands around the candle and visualize herself turning in the money for the field trip. This is done to give the candle energy for the exact task you want.

4) Anoint her body with Fast Money oil. I normally rub it into my heart region and onto my hands. She did the same.

The results – Day #1

Whenever you’re doing candle work, I always suggest that you listen to your intuition. This is a critical factor in making sure your work actually works.

Sometimes you may need to be in the right place at the right time, and your intuition may play a critical role in that placement.

Kate heeded this advice.

She ran an ad on Craigslist advertising her services.

She also called up a few clients to see if they needed some work. She even admitted to one of the clients that she needed the extra money and was willing to lower her prices for that week only.

Nothing else happened on Wednesday.

The results – Day #2

Once again, Kate burned her candle in the morning and anointed her body with Fast Money oil.

Unfortunately, the ritual did nothing to calm her nerves, and Kate was practically jumping out of her skin.

She literally had one day to turn the money in, and she was no closer to having it by mid-afternoon that day.

When she called, she told me that she could barely relax.

I suggested she rub a little Easy Street onto her body.

Easy Street is what I call a guidance blend. It leads you to situations where you’ll find love, money and (most important) peace of mind.

It’s the ‘peace of mind’ aspect that helps takes the edge off when you’re in a tight situation.

She told that almost immediately after putting it on, she finally felt at ease. She didn’t know what would happen, but she was sure that everything would be okay.

The results – Day #2 – After Easy Street

Maybe an hour after applying Easy Street, Kate’s ex husband called.

She’d been asking him to foot some of the bill for their son’s music lessons, but he had been telling her ‘no’ for several months.

When he called, he told her that he had an extra $140 that he would send to cover 4 weeks worth of music lessons. (Apparently the son had called his dad and reamed him out! Kate never knew until that day.)

He was going to wire Kate the money that evening.

Even though that money was for music lessons, she figured she could use it for the trip and just use her own money to foot the bill for the music lessons (which she had been doing all along anyway).

Okay, so potentially $140 was covered and Kate was feeling better.

The results – Day #3

Friday morning arrives. Kate didn’t use any oils on this third day, though she did burn her candle.

Her ex husband still hadn’t wired the money, but he did call her that morning to say that he would do it on his lunch break. According to Kate, this was a miracle in itself. He was always very tight-fisted about giving her anything extra outside of the court ordered child support.

Later that morning, one of Kate’s clients called to say that he was sending her some work — $100 worth of work!

Not even an hour later, another client emailed her — one of the clients that she offered the discount to 2 days prior. He took her up on the offer and PayPal’d her $60 for a small project.

And then a brand new client (who’d seen her recent ad on Craigslist) called and wanted a quickie resume done.

Her payment was $50.

Are you doing the math?

$100 + $60 + $50 = $210


By lunch time, Kate had ALL the money she needed to pay for the field trip without having to rely on the money her ex husband was sending.

Why this combination worked

Whenever you combine magickal oils, you should always make sure they can complement AND amplify each other. Preferably both, but they should definitely complement one another.

Fast Money and Easy Street both have financial elements in them, so I consider them to be complementary.

Fast Money also amplifies the money part in Easy Street. It brings speed to Easy Street.

It doesn’t surprise me that the ex husband stepped up to help with the music lessons because that’s the sort of thing Easy Street is known for. It makes life easier in many different (often unexpected) ways.


Yet, it did not stop the fact that she also got the money she needed for the field trip.

That’s what made this combo so awesome.

It eased Kate’s life emotionally. It eased tensions with her ex husband. And she paid for the field trip on time.

More Fast Money combinations I’m going to experiment with

Fast Money + Obstacles Be Gone = Obstacles are eliminated so that money comes to you quickly

Fast Money + New Business Boost = Make fast money in the early stages of a business opening

Fast Money + Big Money Honey + Psychic Truth Serum = The instinctual knowledge to make big money fast

Is there an oil combination that you’ve had stellar results from?

I’d love to hear about it in the comment section.

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