About Me

My name is Monique, and I'm the turbanista behind this magickal apothecary.

My journey began 20-something years ago when I used to buy all the sick and dying plants at the nursery and bring them back to life. I didn't know it at the time, but my intuitive green thumb would end up leading me down a very mystical path. One where I would become a co-creator with some of nature's finest citizens.

I am a plant whisperer, of sorts. I can hold an herb in my hands and know its distinct magickal purpose. I can sense other herbs it would mix well with. I can tell what kind of person would benefit from the energy of specific plant matter.

Oftentimes the messages I receive are very different than those you see in herb magick books. That's because plants - like people - are multi-faceted beings. We humans tend to pigeonhole herbs with our well-worn magickal definitions, but those definitions do not completely define their abilities.

And that's why I started Urban Spirit Woman...

I wanted to create magickal botanical formulas that were 100% nature spirit led, rather than those that were borrowed from books.

True mastery of magickal herbalism comes from being able to still your mind and listening to the plants you're working with -- yes, even the dry herbs, the bark, the berries and the petals.

Books and blogs will only give you historical guidance. I prefer gaining my knowledge from the actual plant friends in my presence... the ones that are actually going into my formulas.

I have an herbal book of shadows that's many hundred pages deep - (contains all of my impressions and insights about herbs and plants I've worked with over the years). And still, when I go to create a new potion, I sit with each herb to hear its message.

Customized potions

You'll find a growing selection of oils and aura sprays listed here, but if you really want a one-of-a-kind treat, allow me to create a Customized Potion for you.

My Powerful You potion is a daily wear oil (or aura spray) that is specifically made to enhance your magickal, psychic and mystical strengths. Each bottle is individually created, so no two formulas are exactly the same.

If you have a specific problem or situation that needs conquering, try a Custom Potion.

For either custom products, you'll fill out a questionnaire that will give me insight on your life/situation. I will then create a recipe of 3-9 herbs, flowers and waters for your potion.


I provide spellwork on a very limited basis. I strongly believe that YOU already have the power to do your own work, but I also acknowledge that some people can get nervous or intimidated by the spellcasting process.

I will only do work for you if you're already a happy user of my products, since this assures that we're a good match energywise.

I also require that you order a reading first to determine if one of my spells would be a good choice for your situation. I don't accept all cases -- not even for my closest friends.

Rates start at $300 and you will be sent a daily diary (with pictures) so that you can follow the progress of your work.

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