1 Question Tarot Reading


Sometimes you wake up and you just can’t shake that feeling. Are they…? Will he…? Why does…? What am I missing??? It can be frustrating, to say the least. A 1 Question Tarot reading will help you take the edge off — (because there’s no substitute for peace of mind).


Sometimes you just need one little piece of the puzzle to see the whole picture. One sliver of the pie, to stop your stomach from growling.

This 1 Question Tarot Reading is like a pressure valve release for anxious situations. Although you may not like the answer, the relief from knowing is immeasurable.

Once you’ve ordered and submitted your question, I will send your complete reading in 24 hours or less – (weekdays only). Your question should be emailed to (urbanspiritwoman@gmail.com), once you’ve completed your order.

(Please check out my Tarot Readings and Tarot Policies pages before you order. They will give you a good idea of how I work, and what you can expect.)


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