3 Day Money Magnet Spiritual Bath


People like to say that money is the root of all evil, but in reality, the lack of money is the root of arguments, divorces, sleepless nights and ugly ass credit scores. When your money’s not right, everything else seems as wrong as two left shoes. It may not solve all the world’s problems, but it can surely fix a whole bunch of them in your personal life! For this very reason, I do a 3 Day Money Magnet Spiritual Bath at least once a month.


If you were to ask me what kind of magick I enjoy doing the most, it would have to be money magick.

I do money work on my altar almost everyday. At the very least, I shoot some energy into my money candle and burn it for a few minutes. That’s usually enough to keep the flow going.

And then once (or twice) a month, I take a 3 Day Money Magnet Bath because I’m self-employed and I like to give myself as much of an advantage as possible.

This bath does a few things–

  1. Helps to free blocks in the third chakra, where willpower resides. When your third chakra is balanced, you tend to be confident… you persevere even through difficult situations. Determination is often a necessary element in money getting.
  2. Helps intuitively guide you to situations that will benefit you financially.
  3. Assists with drawing money to you in unusual/unexpected ways. This is always the fun part because you never know when that surprise money is coming.

Try this…

If I find that I’m spending more than I’m making, I will add a few sprays of Stay Money Stay to the bath. It doesn’t eliminate the bills, but somehow I’m always getting deals, discounts and extra perks to make my living expenses less costly.

Starting a new business? Add a couple drops of New Business Boost to your bath.

Is your money really tight? Don’t have any other oils or Power Essence Sprays? Soak your bag in a gallon of water (as I recommend below). Take some of that liquid and anoint it onto the base of a green candle. (Any green candle, it doesn’t have to be fancy.) Now take any dollar bills you have, and anoint some of the liquid onto the corners of money. Now take your bath.

When you come out, light the candle and put the money next to the candle. Put your hands over the candle and the money while chanting, “All the money I want and all the money I need, comes to me, readily, easily and freely.”

You’ll receive:

3 separate bags already filled with epsom salt and the necessary herbs and oils. Use one bag a day, over the course of 3 consecutive days.

Keep in mind…

I don’t always take baths. I’m definitely a shower person, and I know many of you are too. That’s why I put all of my bath ingredients into muslin bags. The muslin fabric is super thin, so everything in bag gets saturated, but you don’t have any herb residue stopping up your bath tub.

You can either toss the whole bag into your bath tub, if you’re going to sit and brew. Or you can soak the unopened bag in a gallon of warm water, then throw the water over your body in the shower, or directly into the bathwater.

This item is sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only.


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