3 Day Love Bomb Spiritual Bath


Whether you’re embarking on a bit of love magick, soulmate sorcery, or binding bewitchment, the 3 Day Love Bomb is the bath for you. Think of it as a new outfit paired with some gorgeous heels — for your aura. Smokin’!


There’s nothing like feeling that special someone pulling you close, snuggling hard, slapping you on the ass as you walk by, bringing you a bouquet of your favorite flowers for no reason at all. Love is a wonderful thing! And whenever it needs a bit (or A LOT) of enhancing, I like to hit myself with a 3 Day Love Bomb Bath.

This is a love drawing bath, that I create on Friday’s (ruled by Venus, the planet of love), during the waxing moon. When the moon is waxing, it’s growing from dark to full. That’s the perfect time to do love work. (When the moon is waning, it’s a good time to get rid of relationships, FYI.)

3 Day Love Bomb is meant to open/unblock your heart chakra, so that you’re ready to both give and receive love. Like most of my love potions, I include healing herbs to help you release unnecessary baggage. I include herbs to make you feel sensual and beautiful in your own skin — and of course to make you ‘shiny’ to potential partners.

Try this…

I recommend 3 Day Love Bomb if you’re looking for new love… if you’re having a tough time in your existing relationship… or if you want to keep the positive vibes going in an existing relationship.

For my clients who love being in love (you know who you are!), I suggest doing a Love Bomb Bath once a month.

You’ll receive:

3 separate bags already filled with epsom salt and the necessary herbs and oils. Use one bag a day, over the course of 3 consecutive days.

Keep in mind…

I don’t always take baths. I’m definitely a shower person, and I know many of you are too.┬áThat’s why I put all of my bath ingredients into muslin bags. The muslin fabric is super thin, so everything in bag gets saturated, but you don’t have any herb residue stopping up your bath tub.

You can either toss the whole bag into your bath tub, if you’re going to sit and brew. Or you can soak the unopened bag in a gallon of warm water, then throw the water over your body in the shower.


This item is sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only.


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