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Nobody should feel uncomfortable in their home. And yet if you’re reading this page, you probably do… even worse than that is not knowing what to do about it. I can help.


When my daughter was five weeks old, I was getting her ready take some pictures at a local studio. She was really cranky that morning and I remember having to breastfeed constantly to calm her down.

Once she finally went fell asleep, I placed her in the center of my king size bed, then ran downstairs to get her car seat. I was gone maybe two minutes, at most.

When I walked back into the room, I saw the horror of all maternal horrors. My baby was at the edge of the bed… and then BOOF… she hit the floor. She landed on her back and her eyes popped out of her head like a cartoon character. It still gives me me chills to even write about it.

At five weeks old, she wasn’t rolling yet. Not even a tiny bit.

She got pushed off the bed by a spirit that haunted my apartment. And while this spirit had always been noisy (banging on doors and windows), this was the first time I’d seen him move something. That one situation terrified me so much that I broke my lease and moved out two months later.

The end note to that story gets even weirder. You see, that very same apartment burned down some years after I moved out. Out of 12 apartments in that building, apartment 403 was where it originated, and where it mainly stayed.

It was this exact experience that lead me to explore the who, what, where, when and why of house cleansings

I had lived in that apartment for six years and I hated that I got chased out of there by a spirit that had enough power to move my sleeping baby from the center of the bed to the floor in only two minutes.

And I really hated that I didn’t know how to get rid of this guy. Even with all the Lord’s Prayers, white candles, and spiritual baths — he won.

For this reason, I take house cleansings quite seriously.

I know what it’s like to feel dread every time you stick your key in the front door. To be woken up by lights turning on in the kitchen. To hear banging on my bedroom window — even though I was four stories up — and constant banging at my front door, only to find no one there. It’s mental torture!

I understand. And I can help.

How do you know if you need a house cleansing?

#1… Whenever you move to a new residence or place of business, definitely have it cleansed. Yes, even if it’s a brand new unit. Even if no one has lived there before. Even if had a 4 page spread in House Beautiful magazine.

Energy — be it good, bad or indifferent — doesn’t discriminate based on a properties cost, age or looks.

I’ve cleansed houses that were stunning, but according to the people living there, felt awful or downright scary. I’m talking about places where all the lights were kept on round the clock. And I’ve been to old houses that looked like they should have been on the cover of a Stephen King novel, yet they’ve felt incredibly warm and cozy. So you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I believe it’s important to clear the previous owners energy before you get settled in, or you risk incorporating that energy into your life.

On my Land Spirit Reading page I talked about a restaurant space that changed ownership 5-6 times over the course of two years. This was despite the fact that the restaurant was in an eco-friendly neighborhood where other eating establishments did really well. However everyone who set up shop in this cursed little spot ended up having dire financial troubles within months.

Coincidence? Nope!

That space desperately needed to be cleansed. That energy of ‘financial loss’ kept carrying on from new owner to new owner.

#2… If it feels like someone is constantly staring at you, you need your space cleansed.

Have you ever tried to imagine that someone is staring at you? Try it now.

It doesn’t feel the same as when someone is actually staring at you. When you’re constantly being stared at, you know it. It’s a different feeling than when you’re imagining it.

The problem is, people always second guess themselves when they’re home alone. It’s usually not until other things start going dreadfully wrong that they realize what they were feeling was real all along.

If you feel uncomfortable in your space, trust your instincts… trust your instincts… trust your instincts.

#3… Are electronic items constantly breaking down in your home or business? Do light bulbs blow out more frequently than usual? Do things turn on by themselves when no one else is in the room? If the electrician gives you the all clear and it’s still happening, then you need your space cleansed.

Malfunctioning electronic items is an often seen sign in spaces where spirits are present and want to make themselves known.

However as I mentioned above, it’s vital that you make sure your home’s electrical system is up to code, especially if you’re in an older house. As I often tell my clients, make sure it’s not an ancestor trying to warn you about some faulty wiring!

#4… If you find that commonly used items are disappearing (and reappearing later after you’ve already conducted an extensive search), or things are being moved out of place, get your house cleansed.

If this is something that happens once every blue moon, then it’s probably you being forgetful. (I just sayin… not everything is supernatural.) But if you find that it’s happening on a regular basis, you may have a mischievous spirit underfoot, or one who simply wants attention.

The first thing you should do (if you haven’t already) is create an area where you’re going to put the commonly disappearing items. If it’s your keys, get a little wall hook where you can hang them. If it’s the remove, decide that you’re always going to put it on top of a blue piece of paper. Make it something that will jog your memory when you see it.

If after doing this, the item stops disappearing, then it was probably your error. But if you’re still having a problem, or if other things start disappearing, them it’s probably something more.

#5… If you’ve used sage to smudge your space and things seem to be getting worse, then yeah — you need a cleansing.

I hate to be a killjoy for all of you swooning over pretty sage bundles on Instagram, but sage IS NOT a cure all for all your house cleansing woes.

In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard or read about people using sage to cleanse their space of troublesome spirits, only to find that the entity has become even more angry and agitated. After saging, plenty of people say things get worse!

Now here’s the deal… burning white prairie sage does clear about 96% of the bacteria and microbes from the air. It also neutralizes positive ions allergens, like mold and dust. The negative ions it emits can make you feel peaceful. So yes, burn some sage after a stressful day and you’ll probably feel better.

When Native people and shamans use it for cleansing purposes, it’s usually in a ceremony that involves much more than lighting it, waving it around and telling the bad spirits to leave. Dealing with spirits takes tools AND knowledge.

A bundle of herbs does not make you an expert in cleansing. Nor does it chase away all the ghosties. When I lived in that haunted apartment, the first thing I tried was sage. It didn’t work, and I didn’t feel right using it. Not every tool is for everybody.

#6… If you recently moved into a new place and now you’re constantly feeling tired, stressed out, sick or angrier than usual, you probably need a house cleaning.

I say ‘probably’ because I always ask that you rule out any of the usual factors first.

For instance, is your commute longer? Did the move itself stress you out? Are you still doing repairs on the home or do renovations need to be made before you’re fully comfortable? Are the kids having a difficult time at the new school? Was the move financially taxing on you?

If this is an office movie, were new people hired for the new location? Were there a lot of technical glitches that prevented employees from being productive? Did schedules change? Were new rules added?

And most important, have you had the carbon monoxide and the radon levels checked? Even a slow carbon monoxide leak can cause hallucinations. And excess radon can cause a host of health problems. It’s vital that you make sure you’re not being affected by either.

If you rule out the most logical reasons, and if the problems continue for several months after, then yes — a cleansing should be your next step.

#7… If you, other family members or pets tend to avoid a certain room or area of the home, you need a house cleansing.

This is especially true of young children and pets, as they’re usually more sensitive to spiritual energy than adults.

Maybe there’s a room that feels colder than the rest of the house. I had one client who complained that she felt like she couldn’t breathe in her den. Others have said the air feels thick, heavy or even compressed. Some say they have a hard time sleeping in a room. Insomnia or even sudden and excessive tiredness are common symptoms in homes that need cleansing.

In offices, this may be the meeting room where arguments always seem to break out. And of course, if you find yourself getting the chills or goosebumps in a particular area, there’s something to it. Your spidey senses are usually on point. The more you listen to them, the better you’ll get at discerning when something’s not right.

While a room or area may not feel right, it doesn’t always signal a ghost. Energy from the earth (called geopathic stress) can also feel very unsettling. Residual energy from past residents can also affect you.

Regardless of what it is, it needs to be cleared so that you can feel comfortable and happy.

#8… When a death occurs in the home, in can be helpful to do a cleansing.

My father died in the apartment where my daughter and I lived. Since I was his primary caregiver, he was also ill for a period of time in that same space.

Even though I loved my dad with all my heart and soul, I found it very necessary to cleanse that apartment. The heaviness was both from my dad passing and my own stress of having to take care of a terminally ill parent. It was an emotionally charged situation, and that’s the kind of energy that tends to linger.

Cleansing didn’t mean my dad didn’t hang around. He gave me room to heal, but he also offered signs that he was still with us.

So if you don’t want to get rid of grandma, don’t worry… that won’t happen. I don’t chase away ancestors and loved ones. If anything, you may feel their loving presence a lot more after a cleansing.

When I assist spirits to the light, these are usually people who lived and died on the property, or had a specific connection to the land.

#9… If you’re doing a renovation and things start going haywire, you should get a cleansing.

Dead residents can get very antsy when it comes to renovations. You may find tools missing, only to reappear somewhere totally different. (Days later.) There might be lots of delays. Nothing seems to flow smoothly. Workers may feel uncomfortable or even see ghostly images.

The fact is, spirits who haven’t moved on will often view you as the intruder. And if you start destroying something they have an attachment to, they may not like it. You can yell and scream at them all you want, but that typically only makes the situation worse.

My job is to come in and defuse situations like this so that you can continue on in peace.

#10… If you’ve gone through an exceptionally stressful situation like a divorce, abuse, situational depression, or any other major life change — do yourself a favor and get a cleansing.

A neighborhood friend of mine broke up with her fiance, after they’d been living together for five years. It was very emotional for her. They argued a lot in the last year.

He ended up moving out (to be with another woman) and leaving her with tangled mess of emotions in that house. Since she was so close, I cleansed her space in person.

They often went to bed angry, so the energy from the bed was like hellfire and damnation. She told me that she slept on the sofa several nights a week.

They argued in the kitchen the most. Not surprisingly, since he had been gone, she found it hard to cook or enjoy her meals. She cried a lot in the kitchen for no apparent reason.

The first thing I did was give her a bottle of Let That Shit Go, my Power Essence aura spray that helps tremendously during breakups. I also did some soul retrieval work with her.

After the cleansing, the house felt noticeably lighter. She told me it was like a fog had lifted and angels were comforting her.

Once you heal your space, a lot of other things seem to fall into place. Within a few months she had the opportunity to take a year-long work sabbatical, which she took, found love in France, and is living there with her husband and baby daughter.

Here’s what happens during a house cleansing…

Before I even accept payment for the house cleansing, I like to know what I’m dealing with first. That’s why I perform a comprehensive reading of the space and the land. During this reading, I will tell you what kinds of spirits, residual energy and earth energy you’re dealing with. I will also outline what will be done. This report will be sent via email.

The rate for this service is $125, and it can later be applied to the cost for the actual house cleansing.

For the reading, I need is at least 4 pictures of each room. One from the door… one from the opposite wall… one facing the open closet and one facing the remaining wall. This is similar to what I request when I do land readings, and it helps me to tune in to the space.

If you decide to proceed with the house cleansing, I will ask you to give your home/office a good spring cleaning. Get rid of clutter. Donate items no longer being used. Get all the dust bunnies and cobwebs from the corners. Open the blinds and the windows. Mop the floor. Wash the sheets.

Cleaning your space with the intention that things are going to get better, is the best way to get the ball rolling. It’s important that you add your own power here, and the simple act of a thorough cleaning begins to add your personal power.

Now I’ll connect with the spirits of the your home/office and land surrounding your space. This includes the nature spirits as well as those human souls who haven’t moved on. Remember, death and even burials have occurred everywhere, not just the cemeteries we see today. So it’s not unusual to find soul(s) on a plot of land, as well as in a house.

I always work with my spirit guides to help stuck souls move into the light — and that includes the troublemakers. A lot of times these folks don’t realize they have options, or are afraid to exercise those options. This is why yelling at them to get out rarely changes a situation. Maybe they don’t know where to go. That’s where I come in.

Making peace with land and nature spirits can help a tense situation immensely. They can act as a barrier against negative energy… but if you don’t acknowledge them, they won’t work with you. They don’t infringe on your free will.

Next, with the help of my spirit guides (and sometimes yours) I clear the residual energies of past residents.

And lastly, I will work with the areas of geopathic stress (energy from the earth). The earth is a living entity, and just like people it has spots that flare up. Intuitively, I see it as rips in the earth.

Geopathic stress can make you feel uncomfortable. I’ve done land readings where I’ve found locations of geopathic stress, have been the exact areas where the residents have stayed away from. When these patches cross through your home, they can also be a factor in insomnia, migraines, chronic illnesses and a host of other problems.

After the cleansing, I will send you herbs, roots, rocks, crystals or Power Essence sprays to help keep the energy strong. I’ll tell you where they should go and how to use it. (This is all included in the cost.)

If it’s done remotely, the entire cleansing process takes about 2-4 hours. In addition to the actual cleansing,

If I do it in person, it takes about 1-3 hours, depending on the size of your place. You are welcome to stay as I complete the process.


  • $125 for the reading (MUST be completed before the cleansing)
  • $325 for the house cleansing
  • Office and retail space cleansings vary depending on the square footage. They start at $325 for up to 2,000 square feet.

Are there options for a DIY house cleansing?

The advantage of working with someone who does this work professionally is that I’m used to dealing with all kinds of spiritual energies… good, bad and indifferent.

I know how to protect myself. I understand how to work with all kinds of house cleansing tools including herbs, roots, crystals, dowsing rods, pendulums and good old fashioned intuition. I know what to use, and where to use it.

I already have an established relationship with my guardian spirits and guides. I speak to my ancestors and the nature spirits around my building everyday. I know that I have a strong and ready spirit team on my side.

I regularly perform psychopomp work — which means I know how to help spirits cross over. I have had spirits follow me home from cemeteries… I’ve had random spirits find their way to my home and in my dreams… and recently, I’ve even had astral contact with an alien being.

Furthermore, I’ve lived in a haunted apartment. I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable… to be woken up to sounds and lights in a state of panic… to feel like you’re always being watched. Back then I tried to handle it myself. I took spiritual baths. I used sage. I prayed the Lord’s Prayer. I got angry. I tried to show no fear. And at the end, I still didn’t know enough. The experience frightened me enough that I moved.

If you’re going to perform a DIY house cleansing, then do it when things are good. Grab some Peaceful Home and Saturn’s Shield Power Essence Sprays. Burn some palo santo. Set up an ancestor altar. Talk to the trees in your neighborhood. In other words, start creating an environment where you’re in tune with the invisible energies within your space.

But if you’re already in a state of fear or discomfort, then trying to do it yourself may make things worse. It’s hard trying to battle something that you can’t see and don’t fully understand.

I hope that makes sense to you. And I hope that regardless of what choice you make, the light in your home always shines bright.

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