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If you’ve got a sore throat, or you’re not in the mood to talk, DO NOT wear Social Butterfly. This stuff is like charisma in a bottle. It brings out the chatty niceness in people wherever I go. Perfect for group settings, meetings, and for the single ladies who don’t want to be single much longer.


The first time I wore Social Butterfly outside was to run a few errands in the neighborhood.

My first stop — Target. I walked up to the cash register. The guy in front of me turned around and started going wild because he saw some oatmeal cookie sandwiches amongst my stuff.

When I got up to the register, the cashier greeted me with the biggest “Hiiiiii!!!!” It was so bright and sunny that I actually jumped in amazement. Then she started talking about the oatmeal cookie sandwiches too.

(I’ve never had so many conversations about oatmeal cookie sandwiches!)

My next stop — the liquor store. (Gotta get organic vodka to preserve my Power Essence Sprays.) The older gentleman in front of me turns around and says, “I want you to have my card.” Well alrighty! Card accepted.

After that — Whole Foods. One of the wine tasting guys sees me in another aisle and yells out loud for me to come try his products. Then he proceeds to have a 30 minute conversation with me about his entire life, while serving me little wine samples.

I wasn’t dressed any more fancy than my usual ‘uniform’ of leggings and a loose tank top. My hair wasn’t done any differently. And on top of that, I had on my nerdy glasses.

Yet, everywhere I went, I felt like the spotlight was shining on me.

Social Butterfly does that. It makes people pay attention to you. But it doesn’t just affect others.

When I wear Social Butterfly, I feel super friendly and a lot more witty than usual. It makes me want to smile. I want to make eye contact. I find that my posture is a lot more open.

Social Butterfly is my go-to blend for group events, whether it’s a party, a barbeque, or even a meeting. It seems to raise the positive energy of the group.

If you’re looking for an excellent, feel good blend to wear on a daily basis, Social Butterfly has always been one of my top recommendations.

Try this…

I’m perfect with 2-3 spritzes in the air around me. I’ve never heard of anyone going overboard, but I always say start slowly with my sprays and work your way up.


This item is sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only.

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1 Ounce Bottle


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