Potent Magick


You don’t need 20 years experience as a caster, or a lineage of witches in your bloodline, to make your spellwork powerful. You just need to raise enough magickal energy to get the job done. Potent Magick helps you do just that, and more.


Casting a powerful spell is much more than having the right candle colors or the best altar setup. It’s more than reciting the pre-written words of a spell or the crystals you’ve meticulously gridded out.

All of those things contribute to the process of spellcasting, but there’s something even more important than all the pretty visual elements people get so caught up in.

The big X factor for powerful spell comes from your ability to raise your magickal energy.

Performing magick without raising your energy is like trying to make soda without a carbonation machine. Take away the energy of the carbonation, and all you have is sweet, colored water.

Likewise, without magickal energy, all you have are words, wishes and tools.

Potent Magick is a Power Essence that creates the inner fire you need to raise your magickal energy. I believe it’s the key difference between ordinary and extraordinary spellwork.

Born from the root of the most powerful spellcaster of them all

Potent Magick contains Solomon’s Seal, which is one of my favorite roots of all time — and one of the 4 ingredients in Potent Magick.

Solomon’s Seal was named after King Solomon. In esoteric history, King Solomon was known for his extraordinary magickal abilities.

I wrote in my grimoire years ago:
“I feel like this is a root for magick. Like it holds secrets and releases them as you need them. Use this when you need to feel strong while spellcasting. It will heighten your abilities. It will keep your mind focused and concentrated.”

I can’t promise you that you’ll be the best spellcaster in the world after using Potent Magick, but don’t be surprised if your spellwork gets a lot better, a lot faster.

Try this…

Potent Magick works best when you spray it into your aura space, not directly on your skin. I’m usually humming like an electric wire after 2-3 spritzes.

You can also spray the space around your altar. I sometimes add a splash of it to other herbs to heighten their magickal power when I have a client who needs a rush spell.


This item is sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only.

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1 Ounce Bottle


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