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There are no limits to the way money will come into your life, when you’re using Money Magnet. So don’t be shocked when you start finding money lying on the street. Or when you suddenly get a raise. New customers may start flooding your business… old customers may start ordering like crazy. Money Magnet doesn’t give you a game plan… it just shows you the money. Amen.


Let me start off by saying that I love money magick.

My first big money magick job (which I did on myself) was to boost a business that I’d just started.

First, I did a 3 Day Spiritual Power Bath. Then I followed up with candle work over the next 7 days.

I did everything at the exact same time everyday. It was like school… a crash course in getting shit done with candle magick. By that 5th day, I felt like I had built up enough energy to start a hurricane with my mind.

And it worked.

I got so much business in the first couple of months that I had to shut my website down (to fill all the orders), and raise my prices.

A few months after that, I restructured and did another price increase.

Was it the fact that I was good at what I did, or because of my unwavering dedication to the spellwork?


Money magick is one part ritual and one part hustle.

Just this morning I started a new 7 day candle spell for a client. I sprayed some Money Magnet Power Essence onto my hands and massaged it into the candle — going from top to bottom.

Money Magnet is the same blend I used on my own candle, when I was launching my business. I know it doesn’t mess around.

The candle had a beautiful high flame. The vibes felt exciting.

(Did I mention that I LOVE money magick?)

You will too when you add some Money Magnet to your spellwork.

Try this…

Because I work at home, I spray a quincunx on the door using Money Magnet. (A quincunx is the pattern of the number 5 on dice… one dot in each corner and a dot in the center.) I also anoint my computer in the same quincunx pattern, but just dabbing with my finger.

I spray myself with Money Magnet. Plus, I spray the money in wallet, the spare change in my piggy bank, and the money on my altar.


Sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only.

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1 ounce bottle

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  1. Emilly Alderete (verified owner)

    This spray is amazing! I combined it with lucky day oil and won $1,000. Thank you so much!

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