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If you thought burning palo santo was amazing, then you need to try Lifted. Lifted is palo santo plus 2-heavy hitting purifying herbs. Have you ever seen an old episode of the Popeye cartoon, when he eats the spinach and starts kicking ass? Okay, THAT’S how Lifted feels! It cleanses. It makes me feel joyful, motivated, energetic. And I’ve seen it add serious push to my spellwork.


Over the years, I’ve tried burning bundle upon bundle of sage. Maybe it’s the billowy clouds of smoke that bother me, but I’ve never been able to get into it energetically.

I didn’t think anyone else shared by lackluster love for sage until I was telling one of my best friends about it. Turns out she doesn’t care for sage either!

Knowing I wasn’t the only ‘closet sage hater,’ I set out to find an alternative. And that’s also when palo santo found me.

The story behind palo santo

Palo santo (which translates to ‘holy wood’) is a tree that grows in several Central and South American countries. It’s in the same smell family as frankincense and myrrh.

For practical purposes, it’s often burned to keep mosquitos away during ayahuasca ceremonies.

But when it comes to its metaphysical uses, palo santo is said to cleanse the body and space of bad energy, while attracting good vibes.

Palo santo is like catnip to me

When I first discovered it, I would smudge my apartment every 2-3 days with palo santo.

Not only does it feel cleansing, I swear I’m happier and more at peace after a session. My space feels sacred, but in a pleasant, relaxing way.

I especially loved to burn it right before I did any money spells. Palo santo, followed up by a Fast Money candle burn, has always been a golden combination for me.

I still burn it in the mornings because it does help me focus before I start my work. But I find that the spray version has some very unique features.

Burning palo santo versus spraying

Obviously not everyone can burn palo santo when and where they want to.

If you have roommates or suffer from asthma, burning the wood may not be an option for you. Likewise if you’d like to smudge your cubicle at work, or even a hotel room, smoking wouldn’t work.

I created the Lifted Power Essence as an alternative to burning palo santo. (An amazing alternative, quite frankly.)

Lifted contains palo santo and two other heavy-duty purifying herbs.

This stuff makes me feel excited and creative and motivated, and yes… very much cleansed. It has a hex breaking element, so I spray it when I need to see some movement in a situation.

Since I’ve started using it in my daughter’s room she has been creating a lot more art than usual. (She’s in an art high school.) She literally wakes up on the weekends raring to go.

I don’t get that same va-va-va-voom from burning the wood alone.

It seems that the combination I’ve created with Lifted amplifies the strength of palo santo, plus the other herbs add unique depth to the formula.

Try this…

Use 1-3 spritzes of Lifted in each room. You can also spray it around your aura.

I use it on my white protective candles, which I burn every morning, or whenever I’m doing spellwork.


Sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only.

Additional information


2 Ounce Bottle


By law, I have to say that these items are sold as curios for entertainment purposes only. They should not take the place of professionally licensed medical, financial or legal practitioners. Though each item is infused with magickal intent, I cannot guarantee results or take responsibility for the outcome from using these products. Individual results vary. Finally, you must be 18 years or older to order these products. By ordering, you agree that you understand these terms.

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  1. Emilly Alderete (verified owner)

    I love this spray! It’s really helped me get through some very difficult days. I even spray it around my teenage son when he’s being negative and I notice a difference immediately. His whole energy changes. That’s magic!

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