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If you love working with moon and ocean energy, you’re going to swoon over the smoothness of 3 Moon Water. It’s a divine ingredient in money, love and protection spells. It creates change, without the harsh upheaval.

PLEASE NOTE… This is a limited edition blend, as I only have a small quantity of this water.


If you’ve ever been to the ocean at night, with a full moon shining overhead, you already know that it’s an amazingly spiritual experience. My heart literally pounds out of my chest as soon as my toes are lapped by the cool water.

On those full moon nights, I collect water from the ocean. I also collect ocean water during eclipses and solstices because it’s filled with the energy of change and movement.

3 Moon Water is the product of the penumbral lunar eclipse on March 2016, the penumbral lunar eclipse in September 2016, and the full moon on the summer solstice in June 2016.

The water was collected from my favorite beaches in Miami. In each situation, I collect the water where the moon is shining down directly on it. 

The significance of each water

A penumbral lunar eclipse is when the moon passes through the outer edges of the earth, so it’s considered a little less than a partial eclipse.

Eclipse water is a great initiator for life changes. But water collected under penumbral eclipses is less intense than if it was collected under a total eclipse. Penumbral water doesn’t cause heavy upheaval, so it makes change manageable.

The summer solstice gives us the day with the most hours of daylight. It is the mid-way point between light and dark. It symbolizes fertility, abundance and protection.

Like the penumbral eclipse, it doesn’t signify intense, achy changes. This water is warm and strong in a motivating way. It’s a really good complement to the two penumbral waters.

Together this trio can help usher important changes into your life, that you can handle manageably.

I have seen major positive changes within my business with 3 Moon Water. When I need more customers or orders, I spray this around my aura and I almost always get more.

I’ve also heard that it works like gangbusters in love work. Ocean water tends to be good in that way.

Try this…

3 Moon Water should be used when you’re ready for a change. If you’re a moon worshiper or an ocean lover, this will enhance your spellwork.

I normally only use 1-2 sprays to my aura daily. I also do 2-3 sprays around my apartment. As an ingredient in your spellwork, try 2 sprays.

You really don’t need a lot of this for it to work.


This item is sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only.

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1 Ounce Bottle

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  1. JustAGirl

    3 Moon Water makes things happen quickly. I love the ocean and believe strongly in the moons energy, so I bless my candles and herbs with it before I do any client work. I also love how I feel when I spray it in my workspace.

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