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I treat people with the same respect I’d want to receive. Unfortunately, sometimes respect isn’t a two-way street. People can be downright malicious — but that’s okay, because I’ve got revenge in a bottle. It’s called The Punisher and it does not fuck around when it comes to delivering a  well-deserved smackdown.


My ex-husband taught me a valuable lesson very early in my adult life.

He said that when you purposely do malicious things to others, you never know what retaliation they have in store for you. So you better think twice about how you treat others, or simply be prepared to accept whatever hell they unleash upon you.

As he put it, “Don’t expect me to be Gandhi after you’ve spit on me.”

Actually, that’s the exact premise behind The Punisher.

Fuck You x 100

The Punisher is a magick oil that’s meant to cause a neck punching reaction to your offender’s foul action.

It causes confusion, worry, troublesome emotions and just bad luck in general. Your target will feel like shit, but the people around him or her won’t be affected. In fact, the people around him will actually feel stronger.

Try this…

I’ve only used The Punisher twice, and only in situations where I’ve been at the receiving end of unwarranted abuse. (Not physical abuse.)

One person was a stranger whose personal affects I managed to gain to use in my spell.

The other person was a (former) friend who stole some cash from me.

I used The Punisher on a Sunday night for that friend. (Tuesday would’ve been better because it’s a Mars day, and Mars is great for revenge. But I was so pissed off that I couldn’t wait.)

That very night his toilet sprang a horrible leak and flooded his whole apartment with 3 inches of water. His laptop just happened to be on the floor and it was ruined.

Two days later, his truck blew the head gasket — $1,500 in repairs.

After that, I stopped paying attention. But I heard through the grapevine that his life was pretty icky for a good 6 weeks.

And no… I don’t feel the least bit of regret. This guy has no kids and a $100K+ job. He’s not on drugs. He’s perfectly sane. But he’s a thief. Too bad he didn’t know I did ‘work,’ — tee hee hee!

Anyway, anyway… get a black figure candle (male or female, depending on your target). Write their name on the candle, along with the word, “Punished.”

Anoint the candle with The Punisher while visualizing all of your angry emotions. I like to talk to the candle while I’m giving it an oil down, just kind of cussing it out and telling it that’s it’s going to be very sorry that it messed with me. And while you’re in the mood, impale that sucker in the genitalia region with a stick pin.

I do not imagine any particular punishments, because the energy of The Punisher is that they’re going to get what they deserve — no more and no less.

Now light the candle and know that as the candle burns, the target’s life is growing genuinely uncomfortable. Burn the candle maybe 15 minutes a day until it’s burned out.

Take the candle remains and toss that shit in the trash. The end.

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1/4 Ounce Bottle


By law, I have to say that these items are sold as curios for entertainment purposes only. They should not take the place of professionally licensed medical, financial or legal practitioners. Though each item is infused with magickal intent, I cannot guarantee results or take responsibility for the outcome from using these products. Individual results vary. Finally, you must be 18 years or older to order these products. By ordering, you agree that you understand these terms.

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  1. S.J.

    The shipping was super fast, and I love the freebie you included. The energy coming from The Punisher bottle is crazy intense! It’s giving me the willies and I haven’t even used it yet!

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