Psychic Truth Serum


Did he cheat? Will we get back together? Am I really being considered for that promotion? Does this relationship have a future? What caused her attitude to change overnight? Who stole the money? These are the kinds of questions users have had answered when using Psychic Truth Serum. Whether you’re a tarot card reader who’s looking for an edge, or a mystic mama who yearns to know the real-deal… Psychic Truth Serum will be your best friend.


True feelings… motivations… hidden messages… scenes behind-the-scenes.

These are the very pieces of information that Psychic Truth Serum delivers.

Untruths will scream out like nails dragging across a chalkboard.

How to Use Psychic Truth Serum

Anoint it to your third eye… the solar plexus… the temples… ear chakras (below the lobes) and your throat chakra. Do this everyday. You only need a single swipe to cover all chakra points.

This stuff is energetically STRONG, so please don’t go overboard. Less is more! Repeat, less is more.

As you apply, affirm that you want to know the truth. If you’d like to know the truth about a specific situation or person, say this. But specifics aren’t necessary. Simply affirming your desire for truth is enough for you to gain access to information that you need to be happy, healthy and wise.

When doing readings for yourself and others, you will know the truth. It helps you see true motivations and hidden feelings.

Psychic Truth Serum can also be used in everyday situations for the same purposes. Whatever needs to be uncloaked will be uncloaked. You just have to pay attention to your own feelings and insights, because intuition doesn’t always bonk you over the head with a hammer. Sometimes the truth is revealed in roundabout ways.

For instance, the truth may appear as images in your mind, sudden feelings of knowledge (you just know something), or even random songs playing in your head for no reason.

Or (as my client Regina discovered) the truth may very well appear as a used condom on the floor of her boyfriend’s apartment. (And he definitely wasn’t using condoms with her!) I have heard of many dastardly deeds like this coming to light with the assistance of Psychic Truth Serum.

Either way, be prepared.

The truth may set you free, but it can also be very bitter pill to swallow.


Sold as curio for entertainment purposes only.

Additional information


1/4 Ounce Bottle


By law, I have to say that these items are sold as curios for entertainment purposes only. They should not take the place of professionally licensed medical, financial or legal practitioners. Though each item is infused with magickal intent, I cannot guarantee results or take responsibility for the outcome from using these products. Individual results vary. Finally, you must be 18 years or older to order these products. By ordering, you agree that you understand these terms.


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