Jupiter Expansion Oil


I made Jupiter Expansion Oil to represent the peak qualities of Jove’s energy — financial abundance, luck, influence, opportunity and serious growth. When you need an increase, or strong golden magnetic energy, this oil does not disappoint.


I love, love, love working with Jupiter energy. Out of all the planets, it is known for being the most benevolent, bestowing good luck, fortune and prosperity galore.

I believe in Jupiter’s power so much that I burn my daily money candle on top of the fourth pentacle of Jupiter, which is one of the many seals from King Solomon. Jupiter has always fostered serious growth for me, and that’s what I wanted to bring out in Jupiter Expansion Oil.

Jupiter Expansion Oil in action!

When I know I have an important meeting, or I want to make a favorable impression, this is the oil I wear. It makes the aura feel enormous and richly golden. And you only need a little bit!

I have one client who wore this to get a loan for a building she wanted to buy. Yes, she got the loan — (despite never owning anything except a Hyundai Elantra).

Another client (a consultant/speaker in her industry) wears it whenever she does a presentation. It expands her presence from the stage to the back of the room. She told me the sales she makes after her presentations, are up since she started wearing Jupiter Expansion Oil.

Try this…

If you can, plan big activities on a Thursday during the waxing moon (the time when the new moon grows to full) — especially when they’re money related or you need to make a big impression.

Burn a gold candle anointed with Jupiter Expansion Oil. As the candle burns, imagine feeling the ease of the end result that you want. Visualize that joy and comfort.

Now rub some of the oil into your hands. I also like to rub some in my heart region.


Sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only.

Additional information


1/4 Ounce Bottle


By law, I have to say that these items are sold as curios for entertainment purposes only. They should not take the place of professionally licensed medical, financial or legal practitioners. Though each item is infused with magickal intent, I cannot guarantee results or take responsibility for the outcome from using these products. Individual results vary. Finally, you must be 18 years or older to order these products. By ordering, you agree that you understand these terms.


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