Easy Street


Money is like a decadent piece of chocolate cake. Love is like the icing. And peace of mind is like the cold glass of milk that washes it all down. It’s not one thing that creates a delicious experience… it’s all three. That’s the exact focus I’ve given to my latest oil, Easy Street.


Most people think if they have money and love they’re set for life.

I beg to differ.

Money and love without peace of mind = Unhappiness

Peace of mind doesn’t automatically arrive on your doorstep when you have love and money.

Just ask those mansion dwellers who can’t seem to find satisfaction with life, despite their bulging bank accounts.

Or the friend who always sports an angry scowl, even though she has the doting husband by her side and the 5 carat sparkler on her finger.

I prefer all three, and I created Easy Street to embrace this trifecta.

Easy Street is what I consider to be a guidance blend

It’s purpose is to help the wearer find love, money and peace of mind. So if you’ve been on a rocky road in either of those departments, Easy Street will guide you to greener pastures.

When I wear it, I find that I am at a comfortable baseline. I’m not constantly wanting, wanting, wanting.

If I’m not in a relationship, love comes to me in many other ways. Ways I never see coming. And if money has been tight, you’ll find it coming in in practical, yet stress-free ways.

You don’t really know where that gold lined street is, but somehow you just magickally end up there.

And this requires you to trust what the Universe has planned and to listen to your inner voice.

Try this…

First massage some Easy Street onto your temples. Then apply a bit onto a white candle. As the candle burns, either silently or out loud repeat for at least 5 minutes, “I am financially fulfilled… I am loved and honored… I have peace of mind.”

Don’t forget to monitor your day to see how Easy Street works for you.


Sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only.

Additional information


1/4 Ounce Bottle


By law, I have to say that these items are sold as curios for entertainment purposes only. They should not take the place of professionally licensed medical, financial or legal practitioners. Though each item is infused with magickal intent, I cannot guarantee results or take responsibility for the outcome from using these products. Individual results vary. Finally, you must be 18 years or older to order these products. By ordering, you agree that you understand these terms.


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