Double Time


Sometimes you need a spell to work fast — no nonsense, get-outta-my-way fast. That’s what Double Time for. I add it to any works when I would like to see results sooner, rather than later. Though keep in mind, fast changes sometimes means shit gets turned upside down before they get turned right side up.


Double Time wasn’t born with a specific intention in mind. One evening, I pulled my herbs all around me, and this is the combination that asked to be put together. Just 4 ingredients… somewhat unlikely cohorts, but I don’t judge, I just listen.

And thank goodness I’m a good listener, because when I put a small dab of this oil on my heart chakra, it was like, “Bang ZOOOM!”

This is one of those blends that literally feels fast. It’s like adrenaline on steroids — and it’s a ‘no holds barred’ kind of speed.

Try this…

Double Time the perfect anointing oil for candles and petitions where time is of the essence.

I’ve seen it work especially well with love spells, when you want to start seeing movement quickly.

However keep in mind, because this is a ‘no holds barred’ speed, Double Time will go through the fastest route for desired results. This means that sometimes shit gets crazy, and then it gets better. It’s not always this bad-before-good cycle… I’ve seen this stuff work miracles within hours of using it. But I just want you to be informed.


This item is sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only.

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1/4 Ounce Bottle


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