How to Sense Spirits, Guides and Angels

How to Sense Spirits, Guides and Angels - UrbanSpiritWoman

I’ve been seeing and sensing spirits, guides and angels since I was 5 years old.

It started off with fairies. (I’ll save that one for another post.)

The second time, I was 6 years old and in the hospital for 2.5 weeks with a serious case of pneumonia. I remember a nun visiting over the course of several days to read with me. On the last day I saw her, she told me that I was a wonderful reader. That encounter made me so happy. I still remember the immense joy I felt that day.

A couple days later when I asked a nurse when was the nun coming back, she told me that no nun had been there. I even had my parents ask several of the nurses. There was apparently no nun who visited children at that hospital.

Though I never mentioned it to anyone else, I know that she was an angel. And it was probably this encounter that subconsciously launched me onto a never ending path of exploration and questioning.

I tend to think that I needed those first few seedling encounters to start me on my path. Perhaps they were even pre-ordained before my birth to bring me to where I am today, doing the things I do.

Since those early days, I’ve come across possibly hundreds of spirits, guides, angels and otherworldly energies. It’s a process that has definitely been accelerated by Spirit Journey. I know they coexist with us and I take it as part of life.

That was definitely the case with Mr. D.

Yes, spirits do follow you home from the cemetery…

I had just come home from my grandmother’s funeral and was taking a well needed shower. Mid-way through the shower a conversation began in my head. I don’t remember how it started, I just knew someone else was in that bathroom with me and I started talking to them telepathically.

I asked the spirit to show me what it looked like. I could see him in my mind’s eye. He was a stocky older white man, wearing glasses from either the 70s or 80s. He wore a yarmulke, so I gathered that he was Jewish. He had on a polyester-ish navy blue suit jacket and a striped polo shirt. He reminded me of a jewelry dealer from the diamond district in New York City.

I asked him what his name was so that I could verify that he was who he said he was. (By this time, I kinda figured he’d followed me home from the cemetery.)

He told me his name was DelVecchio. No first name. Just DelVecchio.

Now I found this really weird because even though I never knew a DelVecchio, I did know that it was an Italian name — and yet, this guy was Jewish. In fact, as I showered, I couldn’t shake how weird this combination felt to me.

I felt like I should do some research on the name DelVecchio, to which the spirit agreed.

It’s okay to ask questions

When I looked up the origins of the name DelVecchio, I was shocked.

DelVecchio was the name used by certain Jews who had immigrated to Italy. So it was perfect that he showed me an image of himself wearing the yarmulke.

I burst into tears at the computer! Not only did I understand the connection as it was happening in the shower, I got a clear message that was verifiable.

(And in case you’re wondering, I did find Mr. DelVecchio’s grave on a later visit to the cemetery. It was nowhere near my grandma’s grave and I only saw it on a fluke as we were leaving. Almost a decade later, he is still a trusted ally on the other side.)

Anyway, I tell you this story to say that yes, spirits can and do come to you as an inner voice. It’s not always the translucent old lady with the 1800’s bonnet walking across the kitchen.

You simply have to learn how to acknowledge and be open to what’s happening in your environment.

Being open to spirit energy is the hard part for a lot of people

Unless you were raised in a special kind of environment, after the age of six, most people’s ability to tune in to alternate dimensions gets diminished. Some people, like mediums, do it. Sometimes we accidentally stumble into that realm. But to be able to actively tune in on demand is truly a gift — especially if you’re in a spiritual business.

For me, it’s not just being able to sense a dead person who wants to chat (which is great), or to get messages from guides (which is super)… it’s being able to sense the sentient energy living in trees, herbs, flowers, crystals, ocean water and other ‘direct-from-nature’ items that I use in my blends.

I say this all the time, but I don’t all put my faith in book meanings. I rely on what those nature spirits tell me they’re supposed to be used for and it’s makes for a better product.

But the point is, you have to get to that threshold.

And that’s what Spirit Journey is for.

Why I created Spirit Journey

I wanted a blend that would allow me to explore the depths of the spirit world, without having to resort to psychedelic drugs. Not that I have anything against DMT and psilocybin (mushrooms). But as the single parent of a teenager, I can’t jump down that rabbit hole right now.

So when I thought about making Spirit Journey, I knew I wanted something that would activate the most receptive psychic centers, so that you could perceive the spirit world with greater ease — be it nature devas, land spirits, orishas, angels, guides, ancestors or other dearly departed.

Truthfully, this wasn’t an easy blend to put together.

One of the plants I use only grows in certain parts of the world, so it can only be sourced from a handful of growers. But once I got it in my hands, I knew it was the one. It has an amazing energy attached to it, but it’s very particular in how it wants to be worked and what to pair with it.

It was worth the work though because this stuff immediately sent me to level 9,000 upon application to my third eye.

About the latest incarnation

The last batch quietly sold out and I recently put together a new batch of the good stuff.

I had it sitting on my altar brewing, when I decided to try an early test and put some on before going to the grocery store.

Oh. My. Fucking. Gosh! Why did I do that????

I could barely concentrate on the road. The whole time I was driving, I kept saying, “Why am I out here? Why did I do this? What am I doing?”

The thing is, once you start using Spirit Journey to open your centers, it makes you VERY sensitive to energy. So going outside and trying to be normal, probably sent me into overload.

I mean it’s probable that I was encountering all sorts of ghosts and residual energies and land spirits, in addition to feeling other people’s energy empathically. It was truly a hot mess express!

You can take this all with a grain of salt, or you can heed my warning — I personally recommend that you apply Spirit Journey and sit still for a while. Meditate. Do some shamanic journeying. Light a candle on your ancestor altar. But running out and getting groceries is the wrong thing to do.

Once you start using Spirit Journey, how do you know if there’s a spirit in your space?

There are always spirits around you. At the very least, a guardian angel or a spirit guide. I can assure you, you never walk alone.

With that said, one of the main things I notice is that the space around you looks different.

You ever read something on a webpage with a black background and white writing, then immediately go to a webpage with a light background and dark writing? That change may make your vision a little fuzzy or wiggly for a minute while your eyes adjust.

Well, that fuzzy, wiggly vision is sometimes how a spirit energy will appear to me. It’s not like, “Whoa… there’s a ghost right there!” It’s more like a subtle shift in my vision. If I didn’t know what was going on, I’d probably ignore it (which is why I’m mentioning it to you).

You may feel mentally or emotionally elevated or even suddenly depressed if there’s a sad/negative energy underfoot. This is often true if you’re empathic. I will start to involuntarily cry if there’s an ascended soul in my presence, like an angel. It always feels like tears of joy.

Like most of you, I also see flashes of light and shadows from the corners of my eyes. And like most of you, when I turn towards it, I see nothing unusual. Good ole peripheral spirits! And no, darkness does not mean there’s something evil lurking. While negative spirits do exist, they don’t always immediately show themselves as negative. (This is why learning to fine tune your sense of discernment is so damn important.)

Just a few weeks prior to this post, I dabbed on a little Spirit Journey and a few hours later started smelling cigarette smoke in my apartment. My daughter never smelled it, but I did. In my mind’s eye I began seeing an image of a red-headed young man from the 1940’s or 50’s. So yeah, smells are not uncommon either.

Sometimes the whole house fills with an amazingly sweet scent, and then I know there’s an angel passing through. It’s like one minute the house smells like nothing, and the next a flower bomb just went off. It literally fills the whole house in an instant.

On occasion I’ve experienced the feeling of light feathers or warm bubbles touching my skin. This too I equate with angels and loving ancestors.

If you don’t think anything’s happening, you can always ask your guardian angel to show you to its energetic presence. When I did this, I felt like I should raise my hands in front of me. From there, I could feel the most awesomely loving energy as a soft bubble. I cried like a baby! All you have to do is ask.

How to get on the Spirit Journey

Before you check out all the ordering logistics, let me say this… Spirit Journey works, but you have to be open to it working.

My 16 year old tried it and told me, “Oh it didn’t work, my hearing just got more focused, but I didn’t see anything.”

Ummm, actually it did work. Focused hearing IS a sign of clairaudience. But she’s 16 and is more concerned with living in a dorm, than she is with all my spirit stuff.

So remember that spirit will approach you in a number of ways, not just visually or in ways that you’ve seen in movies. All you have to do is open your mind and be receptive to the experience.

Check out Spirit Journey.

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