How My Land Spirit Protected Me — a personal story from an apartment dweller

How My Land Spirit Protected Me -

Land spirits are everywhere.

I’m saying this loud and clear for my sisters, brothers and others in the cities and the ‘hoods, because it’s easy to believe that land spirits only set up shop in areas where you can hear crickets (instead of cars) in the dead of night.

The truth is, land spirits are just as much alive in the urban jungle as they are in the jungles of South America… from the South Bronx to the south of France… Borneo to the ‘burbs — they don’t discriminate. The indigenous people of our lands have always been more in tune with the nature spirits, but that doesn’t mean we can’t build those bridges now. Awareness

I know this because I communicate with land spirits everyday from my little apartment in North Miami Beach, and I hear them loud and clear. They want to be heard. They want to help us. And even better, they want us to co-create with them.

Co-creation with the land spirits is how communities like Findhorn came to life, despite the odds being stacked against them.

If you don’t know the Findhorn story, here’s a snippet:

“Feeding six people on unemployment benefit was difficult, so Peter decided to grow vegetables. The land in the caravan park was sandy and dry but he persevered. In her meditation, Dorothy discovered she was able to intuitively contact the overlighting intelligence of plants – which she called angels, and then devas – who gave her instructions on how to make the most of their fledgling garden. She and Peter translated this guidance into action, with amazing results. In the barren sandy soil of the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park they grew huge plants, herbs and flowers, most famously the now-legendary 40-pound cabbages. Word spread, horticultural experts came and were

Land spirits come in many different forms

In my neighborhood, Brother Caiyo is the spiritual caretaker of the land where my apartment building exists. I perceive him as a wise, protective energy. But he is also an ally when I do other people’s land readings.

There’s Brother Mfume, who looks over Miami as a whole. Truth be told, I used to hate Miami until I started communicating with him this year. Now I find myself feeling kinder and gentler about the Miami experience. Even the people seem nicer, which is a true miracle for me.

In general, there are tree spirits, rock spirits, mountain spirits, ocean and river spirits, and a whole universe of nature spirits. Just because things in nature don’t have arms and legs and speak via traditional human means, doesn’t mean it’s not alive. My philosophy is that If the earth is alive, then those born from her womb must also be alive.

Land spirits can also take the form of fairies and other dimensional entities. And yes, they do exist in urban areas.

When I do land readings, I often find the spirits of the dead still roaming the earth. (They don’t just haunt houses.) Every (dead) body has a story. Some are still here because they fear punishment. Some are here waiting for or protecting loved ones. Sometimes they just get lost in their own minds due to an addiction like drugs or alcohol. (Your free will is still very much intact when you die, which is why souls get stuck in our realm.)

So when I’m performing a land reading, I might come across a myriad of the above listed entities — and then some. I never quite know what to expect. Most times I get happy vibes, but sometimes I get the cold shoulder.

For example, the palm trees in front of my building are somewhat aloof. And the older mangroves at the park down the street don’t like to talk — at all. Sometimes our brothers and sisters from our earth mother are wary of humans. Can’t say I blame them!

One thing I have noticed is that there’s almost always a ‘heart’ or a power spot on a piece a land. This can be where I perceive the place of origin of a land spirit or even a nature spirit. Sometimes a tree or other natural landmark shows itself as the heart of the property. Either way, this is where you’ll usually find helpful or receptive energy.

If you don’t know any of the other land spirits, understanding what radiates from the heart of the land is usually good enough to make a connection.

The benefits of making that connection can be life changing

Everyday I used to open my bedroom window and put a screen in it. (For a city girl, I’m a fresh air junkie.) There’s a 7 foot privacy bush that completely blocks that window from the sidewalk view, so most times I’d feel comfortable leaving it open all day.

But there were other times when my spidey senses would start tingling with that window open. During those times, I would immediately close it. Even though nothing ever happened, I was still very much aware of what I was feeling.

So one day I’m in the house doing some work and out of nowhere, I get this feeling to go look out the bedroom window. The bedroom window wasn’t open at the time, but I just felt prompted to get up. That’s the kind of thing you pay attention to.

When I peeked through the blinds, I saw a guy squatting down in between the privacy bush and my window, smoking a gotdamn joint. (There’s a good 4 foot gap between the building and the privacy bush because the air conditioner condensors are out there.)

He didn’t see me look out the window, so I immediately called the police. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, the guy was gone.

A few days later, I was at my altar and I could hear Brother Caiyo telling me to pay attention. Sure enough, a day or two later, I got the same feeling to look out the window and BAM — the same guy is crouched down smoking again. The cops arrived too late, yet again.

That week I ended up getting an alarm system and a camera in the windows facing the privacy bush. Even though my spirit friends helped me to know what was going on, human problems may still require practical solutions.

In addition, I asked Brother Caiyo to keep that asshole from squeezing into the privacy bush and using the alcove as his private smoke den. From that point on, I kept seeing a much larger land spirit standing tall over the privacy bush. It wasn’t Brother Caiyo. Sometimes you’ll meet new land spirits who are of assistance for a special situation.

I don’t know what part worked — practical, spiritual or both — but my motion detecting cameras have been up for a while and I haven’t seen anyone behind that privacy bush anymore.

THIS is what land spirits do when you’re in sync with them

One thing I know is that no matter how psychic you are, you’re never doing all of this knowing, seeing or feeling completely on your own.

I didn’t just ‘know’ to look out that window at that exact time for no reason. There was nothing out of the ordinary that led me to believe I had a doobie smoker out back. At the time I had a raging sinus infection, so I couldn’t even smell anything. How could I know???

I looked because I was nudged to do so. That’s the simple fact of the matter. It wasn’t a coincidence that I caught him two times.

This is precisely the reason why I leave a little Florida Water out for the land spirits every week. They showed me what I needed to see and I was able to protect my home. That’s a happy ending. I couldn’t have asked for more than that.

As I say all the time in my blog posts, you have to pay attention to those inner promptings, especially when they’re fast and fleeting. And double especially when they seem to tap you on the shoulder for no reason. Between your spirit guides, the land spirits and your ancestors you have help. You have protection.

Would you like to know what land spirits inhabit your environment?

And better still, wouldn’t you like to connect with them?

I realize that most people don’t really know what to expect from a land spirit, or they don’t know how to connect with one. Maybe you’re feeling nervous on your land and you don’t know why.

I provide Land Spirit Readings that can help you find out who inhabits your land and how to engage in a co-creative relationship with them. Knowledge is power.

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