How To Honor Land Spirits – (and Why You’d Want to)

As someone who believes that every tree, every rock, every ocean, river and stream has it’s own life force, it is my understanding that the land we live on also has it’s own spirit. The land spirit is its own entity… it is separate from the trees, the rocks and the water. I liken the land spirit to the mayor of a town. And yes, there can be more than one mayor.

In my little neighborhood, I feel there is a land spirit that covers my building and the block down. (This is the land spirit I communicate the most with.) Then there’s the land spirit of my city, and another whose energy resides over the entire metropolitan area. Each land spirit has a different personality, but none have felt unapproachable when approached with a kind heart and a will to listen.

And that’s the point of this article… when you begin to acknowledge land spirits, you’ll find doors opening in interesting ways.

For example, when people come to me for a house cleansing, I always focus on the energy within the home — but it is equally important to make peace with the land spirit. Once you establish a relationship with the land spirit, cleansing the home becomes easier… and the home tends to feel better when you’re in sync with all the surrounding energies.

Remember, your home is just a covered piece of land. It is not separate from the land. Honoring the spirits of the land affects your neighborhood as well as your home.

How land spirits work

I live on the bottom floor of my apartment building, which is something I’ve never done before. I always prefer to live on the top floor. However because I needed a place quickly, and the energy felt good here, I took it.

My bedroom window faces a street alley, but there’s a huge, thick bush that blocks people from being able to see in my window. And even though I face an alley, it’s still very quiet, minus the occasional car with their super bass on 1,000.

Anyway, one night I was awoken by the sound of a car skidding in the alley and running into something. It sounded really close, but when I jumped up to look out the window, I didn’t see anything. As it turns out, the car was turning to go into the alley and it skidded onto the sidewalk and through the grass. It grazed the corner of the bush outside of my bedroom wall. That’s what I heard it hitting, but I couldn’t see it because of the height of the bush.

That car could’ve easily smashed into my bedroom. And if it would have, it would have run into the head or the side of the bed that I sleep on — but it didn’t.

Weeks later, the thought just popped into my mind… I was protected by my land spirit. Brother Caiyo, (which is what I call him), helped to stop that car. It wasn’t something I had consciously thought about. It literally just popped into my mind while I was doing some work on my other blog.

(FYI… when intuition deposits information like this out of the clear blue sky, you know it’s true. That’s how intuition works.)

And this is just one example of how land spirits intersect our lives.

A few weeks ago I started noticing little sugar ants popping up in my kitchen and near my work desk. Instead of laying out poison, I immediately asked Brother Caiyo to ask the ants to take a different route. Since then, I haven’t noticed any ant trails.

Getting to know your land spirit

First and foremost, get to know the nature that surrounds your space.

The trees on your block… the flowers… the weeds… the squirrels… the raccoons… lizards. As you leave your home each day, mentally greet these elements. Acknowledge their presence… feel their energy.

I have several palm trees in front of my building. Every morning I peek through the blinds to say hello to them. I do the same to the privacy bush behind my bedroom window. I thank them for making the space around my building beautiful. Sometimes when I’m making Power Essence sprays, I will toss a little out the bedroom window as a thank you.

Sometimes in the midst of getting to know the immediate characters in your neighborhood, the land spirit will come to you. Usually a land spirit will feel bigger than other nature spirits. The energy will feel different. I actually see them in my minds eye, as giants over each parcel of land they work on. This is a good way to visualize their energy, and one that I recommend you try.

Close your eyes, and imagine you’re in an airplane flying over your neighborhood. Visualize the lay of the land in your mind’s eye. Where do you see your land spirit residing? What kind of clothes are they wearing? What kind of energy do they emanate? Do you hear a name?

Like people, land spirits all have different personalities.

I perceive Caiyo as a Native American man. He’s very earth centered and appreciates the fact that I work with herbs. I see Barimba as a Latino woman who has a really flamboyant and colorful style, but who can be quite serious when she wants to be. She is the land spirit over my township. I don’t work with her as much as I do with Caiyo because I don’t believe I need to just yet.

When I think of Caiyo, I don’t imagine him in my apartment, as you might feel with a spirit guide. I feel like we communicate more on a telepathic level from a distance. It’s almost like he’s at his place, and I’m calling him on an invisible phone. This is how I’ve begun to recognize land spirits as different from other types of spirits. They don’t necessarily come into your space, and you can feel the distance when you communicate with them.

Simple ways to honor your land spirits

The land is neither deaf nor dumb. It is not inanimate or lifeless. It is just as much alive as you and I, or else WE wouldn’t be here right now. Kill the soil around you and it will no longer nourish you. Honor the land and it will take care of you. This is true of physical and spiritual treatment.

This is why I pay homage to the spirit of the land every day.

Every morning I say a quick prayer. I affirm that I am blessed. And I give thanks to the spirit of the lands I travel… those that protect, deflect, bless and even stress on my behalf.

This is what I say to Brother Caiyo:

“Thank you Brother Caiyo for protecting us… for keeping us safe and healthy and strong… thank you for making this space loving and full of joy.”

On Monday’s, I do a house cleansing (I’ll save that post for another day). When I’m done, I pour some water into a mason jar, and add a few drops of oil or Florida Water to the jar. (I chose the oil based on my feelings… it’s always different.) Then I hold the jar in my hand and say, “This is an offering of thanks for you Brother Caiyo… for keeping the land, this building and its inhabitants safe, happy and healthy.” 

I keep a selenite wand on top of the mason jar because selenite is a good stone for connecting to spirits, but it isn’t a must. I just happen to love selenite, and I have my entire place gridded with it.

As you can see, it’s a very simple offering, placed in the corner counter of my kitchen.

Land Spirit Offering with Selenite

You could put out a clean glass of water as an offering to the land spirits. Flowers or a small bowl of herbs would work too. This doesn’t have to be a fancy or expensive venture.

Also, no need to appropriate Native people’s traditions by leaving corn meal or tobacco — (unless of course this is your ancestry or you feel intuitively called to do this.) 

The nature of your offering isn’t as important as the fact that you’re showing respect and appreciation for the land. Picking up trash in the park is an offering of appreciation. Saying prayers of thanks shows appreciation. The land spirits respond to those who come with pure intention rather than those who feel the need to follow a rule book.

In other words, don’t discount the fact that your honoring may look different than mine.

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