How to Create a Money Altar – (plus a detailed look at my personal altar)

ARTICLE: How to Create a Money Altar

I’ve been doing money altars for 8 years now.

The first one I did consisted of a mason jar filled with 3 different money herbs – (I honestly can’t remember what herbs they were), a green candle anointed with my Money Magnet Power Essence Spray, and a couple dollars under the jar. (Money Magnet was actually one of my first potions.)

I lit the candle everyday at 2:30 and let it burn for maybe 10 minutes, while I visualized my PayPal account stuffed with dollars.

But, did it work?

Actually, it did. Big time.

My income immediately jumped after I started doing the altar work. I mean the next day, things really picked up.

To be perfectly honest with you, I was downright shocked at how quickly my business improved. I’ve been sold on the whole money altar concept ever since.

Several years into my daily altar routine, I had a serious money slump. Just a horrible decline that came out of no where.

It hit me so hard and so fast that I had a tough time keeping up with the bills. I couldn’t understand what the heck had happened.

Little did I know that the decline would be one of the BIGGEST blessings in my life.

Real magick in real life

During my financial depression, I decided to visit my dad (who was living in Miami) to talk about us starting a business together.

While I was visiting, he found out he was dying of cancer.

I immediately moved from New York to Miami to be with him.

And thank goodness I was there because his health insurance situation was an absolute nightmare. The recon I had to do to get that situation taken care of blew my mind.

But it worked out. Because I was there.

And yeah, I was there when he took his last breath. (He actually smiled the moment that he died. What a beautiful sight that was.)

So if I hadn’t gone through those financial troubles, I would’ve never visited my dad. And who knows how the story would have turned out.

Looking back, I now know that I needed that financial gut punch to bring me to my father, when he needed me most.

The end became a new beginning

As it turned out, my dad had recently retired and had taken out a lump sum of money before he got sick.

So after he died I had enough cash to sustain me for the year.

I always find this to be the ironic part of the story because even when I didn’t think things were working out in New York, they were working out in ways I couldn’t imagine.

And remember, I went to Miami to start a new business with my dad.

Before he passed I would lay my hands on him, and deliver peaceful, loving energy.

One night he told me, “Wow… I didn’t know you could this. You’re really good! It feels so nice.”

I told him about my decade long work with herbs and nature and spiritual revelry. He told me to not hold back anymore.

That’s when Urban Spirit Woman was born. I started a business with my father.

And that brings me to the power of a money altar.

Money altars magickally put you in the right place, at the right time

I am convinced of this one.

Not just because of the story surrounding my father, but because I’ve always had money fall into my lap under remarkable circumstances.

I am truly a money magnet in that I find money everywhere. Not just pennies, either.

I routinely find $20’s and $100’s on the street. I find unused gift cards. When I lived in New York, I would find Metro cards galore (you use them to ride the subway or the bus). I just KNEW which ones had money on them when I saw them lying on the ground.

Besides running awesome businesses, I am frequently offered things that I need exactly when I need them.

For example, I hadn’t spoken to my friend Mike in over a year. While we were on the phone, I mentioned that my daughter was working on some new art projects.

His reply… “Send me a list of everything that she wants and I’ll order it this week.”

No rhyme or reason for his offer. (We’re not dating, or anything!) He was just being nice. My daughter ended up with several hundred dollars worth of supplies that were on her wish list.

A few months ago I was stressed out about something. I was in a store when a woman came up to me and offered me a free reiki session because she said I looked like I needed it.

The money altar does not play around.

My money altar today

Money Altar

I keep my current money altar on top of a small bookshelf that I use for storing some of magickal goodies.

This is actually the first time I’ve ever used a glass encased candle. They last FOREVER, but I doubt I’ll use one again. I like touching the wax. I feel like when you actually hold the candle’s ‘flesh’ in your hands, you create a stronger connection, which means better magick.

Don’t get me wrong, money has still been flowing in. But I just don’t feel the same energetic “oomph” with the glass encased candle.

I’m really showing you this because I want you to understand that magick is a personal process that you can and should experiment with.

I’ve said it before, but books will only take you so far.

There are no books that told me, “Put this candle here, and that candle there, and these seeds in front.”

This is my personal configuration and it works for me.

Money altar items should have meaning for you

Money Altar Layout


If you’ve never used peony roots, you’re in for an amazing surprise.

When I first got them, I didn’t know they were to be used for protection purposes. But as soon as I put a few in my hand, BAM!!! They’re incredibly strong. They kick off an intense, protective energy.

Besides the peony root, I actually use two other protective amulets on this money altar, including peony seeds and black tourmaline.

Okay, first… the peony seeds aren’t actually peony seeds. They’re technically called abrus precatorious — and they’re SERIOUSLY POISONOUS when crushed and eaten. Their hard protective shell makes them safe to handle by touching, which is why you see them on my altar.

Regardless, if you have children or pets in your household, DO NOT have these in your home. Period.

If you go to a botanica looking for abrus precatorious, you’re not going to find them. In botanica’s, they’re known as peony seeds. Go figure.

In any case, peony seeds have a very strong protective energy as well. My intuitive insight tells me that they protect you from physical harm.

And black tourmaline is one of the strongest protective minerals around. To me, it’s a blocker… a shield to negativity.

I always keep a white candle on deck, anointed with a protective oil or Power Essence. Today, I used Lifted, which is my palo santo blend.

Underneath the green candle (which I burn for money), you’ll see the Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter, which is a seal of King Solomon. It’s specifically for acquiring wealth. I’ve been using this one for months and I usually anoint it with some type of money oil or Power Essence.

Finally, it’s all enclosed with two pieces of selenite.

Selenite clears energetic blocks — and it’s one of the only crystals that never needs to be cleansed itself. Selenite is also great for developing intuitive abilities, which can give you a serious edge in the money attracting game.

I keep certain leaves on top of my selenite wands because I noticed that the selenite amplifies the energy of the herbs. My guava leaves, in particular LOVE selenite. Whenever I do spellwork with those leaves, it’s always sparkly and fast moving.

Clients often ask, “What should I put on my money altar?”

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to create an altar.

A candle with a quartz crystal may be just as effective as a big setup. It all depends on what makes YOU feel powerful.

Here are some suggestions to get you going:

Statues or pictures of saints – St. Jude for desperate causes, St. Expedite for emergency cash, St. Nicholas who is the patron saint of money problems.

Money – if you don’t have dollars, change will do. I never use fake money. And I frequently add money to my altar.

Candles – I like to do at least one money candle and one protective candle. Feel free to create your own layout.

Amulets or trinkets – that remind you of abundance or prosperity.

Crystals, rocks, stones – choose one that feels energetically ‘rich’ to you. You don’t have to go according to book meanings.

Herbs and plants – Out of all the magickal herbs websites I’ve looked at, Pooka Pages is one of my favorites. Her definition of what a ‘catalyst’ is, is very similar to my own personal findings. Use her list as a starting point to your own herb mixing adventures.

One final bit of advice

I burn my money candle almost every morning.

Whenever I do so, I hold my hands around the altar setup and visualize my money increasing. I always think of the end result, instead of how I’m going to get there.

After all, I could just as easily find $1,000 on the street, as much as I could earn it through my websites.

The addition of your personal energy really does help create stronger magick. It’s not enough to just light the candle and go eat breakfast. The energy you put in to your altar (and your magick, for that matter) is what brings it all to life.

If you have a hard time feeling like you’re giving energy to the altar, try spraying some Potent Magick Power Essence onto your personal aura space and the space around the altar.

This stuff heightens your abilities and gets you focused on the magick at hand. I use EVERY TIME I do spellwork or when I’m making oils or sprays.

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