Healing an Illness with Magick: How It Worked for Me

Healing Illness with Magick - My personal story

I create a lot of magickal oils that never make it to the sales page of this website.

It’s often because I’m still testing a formula in the real world… but sometimes it’s because I’m nervous about making claims about what a potion can do.

Illness be Gone is one such oil that you won’t find for sale, for the latter reason. For legal (and moral) reasons, I can’t sell an oil that purportedly cures you of an illness.

But I CAN tell you about my own experiences.

And I CAN share the recipe so that you can try it on your own.

That’s what this article is all about.

My struggle with asthma

I’ve had problems with asthma my entire life.

And while I hadn’t had any issues in the previous 10+ years, since I’ve been in Miami, I find it flaring up a lot more. Within the past 8 months, I’ve been in the emergency room three times. The last time they kept me in the hospital for two days.

Since then, I’ve been prescribed 4 different inhalers in an attempt to get my asthma under control.

The problem is, I work out 4-5 times a week. I’m really into weight lifting and I love doing stair laps with at least 50-60 pound weights.

Once the asthma started getting bad, I could barely do 2 laps up the stairs without feeling like my lungs were about to collapse. Prior to that, I could easily do 5 laps up without stopping.

The long-term inhalers weren’t working good enough. And I was using the rescue inhaler (the one I use when I start wheezing) waaaaay too much.

I stopped exercising completely and started giving myself breathing treatments at home (the same ones they give me in the hospital).

Nothing seemed to help for the long-term. The wheezing would start up within 3 hours after giving myself a breathing treatment.

I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night to puff on my rescue inhaler.

It was horrible!

Necessity is the mother of magickal intention

And I was needy as a mofo at that point.

After a month of waking up several times a night, and going through 200 puffs of my rescue inhaler in less than a month, I was ready for a change. A magickal change.

I waited until a Wednesday during the waning moon to begin making my oil.

Why Wednesday? Because that’s a Mercury day, and Mercury energy is good for healing. I do most of my banishing work during the waning moon, because it’s good for works involving decrease, separation, and that sort of thing. When you want to get rid of something, do your work during the waning moon.

I used 4 different herbs — (all dry):

  • Helichrysum
  • Kalanchoe Prodigiosa leaves (it’s a plant — google it)
  • Pink lotus
  • Astragalus root

Don’t ask me about quantity because I don’t create according to written-in-stone quantities. I work according to feeling. I feel each herb. I talk to them and once they’re in my hand, I know whether I need more or less of something.

(This is old school magick at it’s finest. If you’re not working this way, you’re limiting your abilities. Books can only take you so far.)

Anyway, once I got my ingredients together, I lit an unused black candle, anointed with Blessing Oil.

I put the ingredients in front of the candle (I use natural coffee filters to hold the herbs). Then I focused on illness being gone for whomever used this oil.

Normally I use a fractionated coconut oil for my magickal oils, but that night I intuitively felt that olive oil would be a better choice. So I crushed the herbs, put some in olive oil and continued to visualize illness being gone.

The results – Day #1

When I was done, I rubbed some of the potion on my chest, not knowing what to expect.

I didn’t stop wheezing.

In fact, after an hour, I was still wheezing.

But a thought occurred to me.

I had some pills that were prescribed to me months prior. I had taken 3 weeks worth and then stopped because my asthma wasn’t getting any better. Yet at that moment, I felt like I should take one.

So I did.

And guess what???

I only woke up once to take my rescue inhaler that night. That was pretty miraculous, considering I’d been getting up 3-4 times a night.

The results – Day #2

I was definitely feeling a little better the following day. I mean, I took maybe 2 puffs of my rescue inhaler during the day.

That night I decided to take the pill again.

For the first time in months, I actually slept through the night WITHOUT having to take my inhaler — and what an amazing sleep it was. I woke up feeling super refreshed.

That next day, I didn’t have to take any of the inhaler.

The snag and the solution – Day #5

When I started taking these pills, I only had enough to last a week.

I knew that a recent health insurance switch meant that I would have to pay for the refill out-of-pocket.

I called up my pharmacy.

$138 for a 30 day refill.

Ouch! And that was for the generic version, at a well-known pharmacy chain. (No wonder people without health insurance die for easily treatable illnesses.)

Of course, I could’ve paid for it, but then I felt ye olde intuition kick in again.

Something told me, “Look online…” So I did a search for my pills and dosage.

I found a website. They would charge me $13.72 for the EXACT SAME pills and dosage — plus, I could pick them up at my local pharmacy. (Yes, the SAME pharmacy that was going to charge me $138. How crazy is that?)

I placed my order, took the card to my local pharmacy and the next day I had my 30 day refill. No hassle. No problems.

(In case you’re wondering, Blink Health is the website I used. If you use this link, you’ll get $15 off your first prescription and I get $15 off my next purchase as well. #WINNING)

Update – Day #19

I haven’t used my rescue inhaler at all since the first day I made and used Illness Be Gone. Yes, I continue to use my pills. And yes, I’m back in the gym.

So yeah, it all worked out… magickally.

And this is how magick often works.

When you do a spell for money, hundred dollar bills don’t appear under your pillow in the morning.

Do a money spell, and cash will appear in the form of more orders, or an opportunity for overtime. It may show as a tax refund that you weren’t expecting, or as a random gift from a relative.

The point is, magick often manifests in practical ways. Dare I say practical , believable ways.

Did I believe that I could create an oil that would suck the asthma right out of my body? Not really.

So the end result was that my asthma was healed in a practical, believable way. After months of trial and error with $300 inhalers, it all came down to something I’d already tried, for under $20.

THIS is the remarkable-ness of magick and why I’ll be an urban spirit woman for life.

The wonders of the craft never cease to amaze me.

Update – 4 Months (and some days)

Well, I stopped taking the pills about 7 week ago (yup!) and only once in a while do I need the rescue inhaler.

Last week I applied a little bit of Illness Be Gone to my body, since I hadn’t done it in a while.

Other than that, nothing new to report. I’m still feeling great!

My suggestion

If you have any kind of illness, give this potion a try. I can’t promise that it’ll work for you, but it definitely has given me the results I desired.

Once you make it, rub it onto the body part where the illness originates. (Don’t drink it or use it internally.)

Now take a moment to listen to your intuition.

Don’t judge what comes into your mind, just listen. You may feel compelled to eat a certain food or go a certain place. You may see something on a random television show regarding your illness. Perhaps you’ll overhear two people discussing your very illness on line at the grocery store.

Magick can be indirectly effective like this, so DO NOT chalk these types of instances up as coincidence.

If you truly feel compelled to try a drug, vitamin or supplement, you should ALWAYS consult with your doctor first. Your doctor may tell you, “Vitamin D won’t do anything, but it won’t hurt to use a small dose.” Okay, fine.

He or she doesn’t have to believe in the effectiveness of the remedy. Don’t look for confirmation that it’s a cure, just an, “It’s okay for you to take.”

And finally, I’d love to hear about your experiences with this recipe. Do leave a comment when you’ve had a chance to try it out.

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