I Thought I Found My Spirit Animal… But I Was Shocked to Find Out What It Really Was

Article: I Thought I Found My Spirit Animal - Urban Spirit Woman

I had just gotten a fresh batch of plant matter that I wanted to use for a new oil. It was something that I’d worked with in the past, but even with a new batch of the same plant, you can get an entirely different energetic feel.

I opened the bag and this leaf had a big, booming energy. Very different from the last batch. It was a lot to take in.

I’d been working on oils all day, so when I encountered this energy explosion, I went over to my altar holding the leaf and asked it how it wanted to be used. I didn’t get a clear answer.

I began pairing it up with other herbs I thought would work. Nothing. I couldn’t figure out if this was protection, love, money, health or self-improvement. It was just an intense energy.

Normally this type of sonic boom excites the hell out of me. But I found myself frustrated at not hearing any distinct messages. (Earlier that day I tried to work with some magnetite that was equally silent, so I was craving a win.)

As a last ditch effort I decided to put on a few swipes of Spirit Journey.

You might remember Spirit Journey from my post How To Sense Spirits, Guides and Angels. It helps to open up your psychic centers so that you can sense or experience spirit energy. I often use it when I’m doing a house cleansing or a mediumship reading. But I also use it to get a better connection to the herbs I’m working with.

So anyway, I put it on and within a few minutes I’m being mentally guided by a rain forest shaman. I could see him in my mind’s eye just as clear as if he were standing in front of me. He telepathically told me to take a bit of the leaf and put it in between my cheek and my gum. I needed to sit with the plant for a while to learn of its ways.

When I followed his directions, he seemed pleased that I understood.

Interestingly, I felt like he was a different version of me. Like maybe me from a simultaneous life. It was a very unique perspective.

Once I put the leaf in, I got really chatty and anxious. I began talking to myself about all kinds of shit that had been bothering me. All the while, it was like the shaman was listening to my rant because I could see him telling me that it’s all a waiting process. That things weren’t going to drop into my lap just because I was in a rush to come out with some new products.

I decided to relax and stop doing my chatty-cathy routine. I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes.

In my mind’s eye, I saw “him” walk up behind me…

It was a spirit animal… or should I say a spirit insect… a praying mantis… a super human-sized praying mantis! I mean this thing was a good 7 or 8 feet tall.

Ahem, before I continue, I should mention up front that I’m NOT particularly fond of praying mantis’. If I saw one on me, I’d probably have a Grade A meltdown trying to swipe it off. I can’t even remember the last time I saw one in person, nor had I even been thinking about praying mantis’.

So I was ultra shocked by both the incredible size of this mantis, and the mere fact that a praying mantis had appeared in my meditation out of nowhere.

My heart started to beat faster. Even though I knew I couldn’t be harmed, I was genuinely fucking nervous!

I tried to mentally shrink the mantis down to its normal size, and found that I couldn’t. I tried to make myself bigger against mantis, and that didn’t work either. Hmmm… I was surprised by this.

All the while, mantis didn’t say anything. Not a word! He stood there behind me, and that feeling of nervousness just seemed to go away — (leading me to think that maybe an unrecognized telepathic message was conveyed… maybe a feeling instead of words).

When I calmed down, mantis bent over and kissed me on my forehead… the third eye.

But wait… there’s more!

Maybe that third eye kiss activated something because at that point, I could mentally see that I was surrounded by other praying mantis’. Smaller ones. They appeared to be shorter than me.

The visuals of what I saw is kinda hard to explain, so bear with me.

I could see two of them very clearly. And then I could see a bunch of them around me as faded visions. It was like seeing a person in front of you and seeing a translucent ghost behind them. That’s the way they appeared in my mind’s eye.

Among the ones I could see clearly, there was one on my left side, and another on my right.

I had a knowing that I should open the palms of my hands upward as I was lying there on the bed. (Another telepathic feeling conveyed.) Those two praying mantis’ each bent over and kissed the palms of my hands.

I laid there for a while longer not trying to figure any of it out. Again, this may sound weird, but I didn’t want to figure it out. I had no desire to.

As a finale to this moment — and this is the really interesting part — I perceived the spirit of the huge praying mantis merging into my own body. I could see his energy wiggling into my body. It didn’t hurt. I didn’t feel the merge, but I could see it in my mind’s eye.

Was praying mantis my spirit animal?

Initially, I thought he was.

I came out of that meditation and immediately started googling ‘praying mantis spirit animal’. A lot of things seemed to make sense.

The word ‘mantis’ comes from the Greek word ‘mantid,’ which means soothsayer or prophet. That’s definitely me.

Mantis is known for their extraordinary patience. They can sit perfectly still waiting for their prey to get close enough to striking distance.

I’m not super patient, but the shaman in my vision did remind me that I needed to be patient, so that made sense.

They tend to live alone, with the exception of mating. Yup, that’s me too. I’m a loner, and I like it.

Plus, mantis came to me in a vision, which is true of any spirit animal. You don’t seek out your spirit animal, they come to you. And because this was a praying mantis (a creature that I’m not particularly fond of) I thought I had definitely stumbled onto a gift.

The only thing that kept sticking out in my head was the fact that this praying mantis was so… fucking… HUGE!

I couldn’t get that part out of my mind. Why would it come to me as such an oddly enormous creature? And why couldn’t I shrink it mentally? If this was a garden variety praying mantis, why didn’t it go down to its normal size?

Something just didn’t sit right with me about its size, let alone that there were a bunch of them around me.

And then I learned about the “other” mantis

While researching the praying mantis as a spirit animal, I stumbled across a rather interesting blog post. (Interesting, as in it shocked the shit out of me.)

I discovered that there is actually a praying mantis alien being. This, I never knew!

The main thing about mantis alien is that people perceive them as very tall. Some say 20-30 feet tall. Others say 6-8 feet tall — which is what experienced. I saw that it was as tall as the ceiling in my bedroom, which I’m guesstimating is about eight feet.

In the blog post I read, a woman named Nedda was given a reading by Jacquelin Smith (a renowned animal and star being communicator).

Here are three excerpts from that article that seem to intertwine with my experience:

“She described them as very highly evolved healers who heal using their 3rd eye as a laser of healing light.”

“They communicate by sound, light, telepathy, and sacred geometry. There are “pods” or souls that come together – merge and become interwoven – and become one. This allows them to be on the Earth plane. They experience joy at a very high level of Joy, Love, and Fun. They dance and they love to dance.”

“…we don’t live a series of lifetimes in different places and forms, but all lifetimes exist simultaneously.

You can read the complete article here.

The article intrigued me because of the reference to the third eye (the mantis kissed me on my third eye)… the fact that they travel in pods and ‘become one’ (the mantis’s energy integrated into my body)… and that they say we live all lifetimes simultaneously (I had JUST gotten that feeling when I saw the shaman during that meditation… I felt like the shaman was me living a simultaneous life).

So what does this mean?

Welp, I definitely believe I was contacted by these mantis beings on the astral level.

The fact that I’d never heard of them before, was the key. Secondly, Spirit Journey opens doors like that. I’d never encountered an alien being with it — but remember, this wasn’t an abduction. This was an astral encounter, so it makes sense.

From what I gathered upon further research, praying mantis alien beings don’t actually look like our earthly praying mantis’ — which is what I perceived. So why did it appear to me as a big insect?

Because if it would’ve appeared to me any other way, I might not have recognized it as a praying mantis. For instance, if it would’ve come with spindly arms and legs, I’m not sure I would’ve thought of praying mantis.

So it gave me a crystal clear image to bring back because it already knew I was going to research praying mantis.

And what about the merging?

I haven’t completely figured this part out yet.

The fairly obvious choices show that either…

  1. I’m some kind of hybrid — a concept that has never crossed my mind before. Ever. Not even as a random shower thought when I smoked copious amounts of weed 20 something years ago.
  2. They’re piggybacking on my body, and I’ve agreed to it.
  3. They’re piggybacking on my body, and I haven’t agreed to it.
  4. I still haven’t cracked the code yet.

Around 6 years ago I did have an experience with something weird I saw in the sky. Something that happened to the moon. I won’t talk about it in detail right now because it still makes me a little nervous. I didn’t see any UFO’s or aliens that night, but what I did see led me to believe that they do exist. Not praying mantis aliens per se, but just that there was something clear and obvious happening in outer space.

Since these praying mantis’ popped into my meditation, I started wondering if that experience from 6 years ago has anything to do with what’s going on now. I honestly don’t know.

Also, one more thing… the other night I was thinking in my head that if praying mantis aliens did exist, I wanted a clear sign. I wanted to see an insect praying mantis. Surely if they were watching and listening telepathically, they could orchestrate this for me.

A few days passed, and nothing. Skepticism started sticking its baby toe into the river of doubt. I live in Miami… hot weather year round… a huge privacy bush right behind my bedroom window where they could easily plant a praying mantis for my visual reassurance — yet, nothing!

Then the morning that I was about to start writing this article I put a swipe of Spirit Journey onto my third eye. It made me feel very, very clear. Like a fog in my mind had been lifted. I never got that kind of feeling from it before. (Obviously I chose the right name for this oil, as it is constantly taking me on a new journey.)

I then went to my altar for a few minutes, and picked a piece of paper out of my message jar. The word on that paper said, “Revise.”

(FYI: My message jar is something I made. There are probably 100+ pieces of paper in there. Each piece of paper contains a single word. I pick a word a day as my guidance message.)

A couple hours later I was about to start making breakfast. I opened the front door to my apartment to see what the humidity was like, and sitting smack dab in front of my door was a piece of a palm tree.

Check it out below… it looks just like praying mantis alien beings fingers from THIS IMAGE I saw online. Four fingers in the image, four leaves on this piece of palm. (And yes, there are palm trees around my building, but the dead pieces that fall off are usually around 3 feet tall with many leaves. They don’t usually look like this.)

Praying Mantis Hands - UrbanSpiritWoman.com

So was I being asked to ‘revise’ my expectations of what I would see? Instead of seeing an actual praying mantis, I got praying mantis alien fingers instead.

My synchronicity meter tells me this is a firm yes.

The feeling I get is that they want me to understand that they don’t actually look like an earthly praying mantis. The image I saw online with the spindly arms and legs, is probably closer to the truth. (Egads, man!)

This journey is definitely to be continued

There’s more to this story. Much more. As I discover what that ‘more’ is, so will you.

In the meantime, I believe it’s worth mentioning that you must learn to trust yourself when you get visions… when you have ‘odd’ experiences… when words or concepts are repeated… when synchronicity seems to be tapping you on the shoulder.

Often, that’s the main barrier between people who have supernatural experiences, and those who don’t.

I trust what I see. I don’t brush it off as my wild imagination. I realize that there’s more than what our human senses perceive. And yeah, there’s clearly a lot more going on in the universe than my mind can fathom.

To believe otherwise are the tenets of the truly insane.

Shit. Down the rabbit hole I go.

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