Power Essence FAQs

What is a Power Essence Spray?

I believe everything in nature has it’s own energetic essence… it’s own spirit.

Over the years, I’ve learned to listen to the trees, the weeds, flowers, leaves, rocks, the ocean, the planets. I’ve learned how to hear, see and feel the messages these diverse energies deliver. (And trust me, they have a lot to say!)

I’ve learned how to harness their energies to create life changes for others. Yes, I’m talking about magick.

Sometimes I can put a stick in cold water and that water becomes energized for important magickal work. Sometimes it’s better for me to work with a fresh root. Other times, I have to wait for a leaf to dry and become brittle before it’s ready to be of assistance. This is because some herbs need to age.

I’ve found this to be true with guava leaves. If I try to work with them fresh off the tree, I get nothing. But when they dry and curl up, they’re super full of life. They have a sparkle about them that feels marvelous.

Needless to say, each herb I work with has it’s own ways.

I simply listen and follow directions — which is why you’ll frequently see me say I ‘co-create’ these potions.

Each Power Essence is a blend of items from nature, spring water and vodka (which I use as a preservative). It’s not meant to be drunk, plus, some of the ingredients I use are extremely bitter, so you don’t want to be tasting these.

Are Power Essence Sprays oily?

No, I don’t use any oils in them.

I have a separate line of magick oils that are just as powerful as the Power Essence Sprays.

Are Power Essence Sprays scented?

Sister Mo’s All Purpose Power Essence Sprays are non-scented. You may get a hint of herbiness when you first spray it, but that goes away almost instantly. There are no scents left on your skin.

The one exception is my Agua de Florida, which is scented naturally with flowers and herbs. Even with this one, the smell goes away rather quickly. It’s not like perfume.

I do not use essential oils in my work. I don’t use fragrance oils either. I think you’ll appreciate the fact that you can wear your own scents and still get magick’d up.

What ingredients do you use?

I rarely reveal my entire ingredient list for any blend. These are my grimoire secrets.

However, if you read my blog, I often talk about herbs and roots I use in my blends.

Where do you get your recipes from?


I meditate with herbs. I taste them. I mix them. I wear them on my body. I listen to them. I collect 10-30 different pieces of nature (herbs, leaves, sticks, etc) a month. I typically document 60-100+ pages worth of impressions over the course of a month. My grimoire is dreamy!

The thing is, when you establish a co-creative partnership with nature, you discover secrets not found in any book. There are some herbs that are not meant to be mixed, and some that go together like milk and cereal. I can feel the difference. That’s what makes these Power Essence Sprays powerful.

When you buy from me, you know you’re getting the experience of spiritual depth. You know I’m not doctoring anything with a cheap fragrance oil or some food color and calling it ‘magickal.’

How do I use Power Essence Sprays?

If you read the description for each spray, you’ll see my suggested uses.

In general, you can spray it in the air and walk into the mist. Spray it around your room or even over your altar.

You can spray directly over your chakras. You can add a few sprays to your bath water.

Put some on your hands and rub it into your candle. I use Money Magnet on the door in a quincunx pattern (like the 5 on a dice). I put a few sprays of Agua de Florida into a bowl as a thank you to the spirit of the building.

(Keep in mind, these are for external use only.)

Can I mix-and-match sprays?

Yes! You can even use them along with the oils.

Money Magnet + 3 Moon Water is a duo I enjoy for bringing in the bucks.

I’ve heard great things about Found + Obstacles Be Gone, when it comes to finding love.

Social Butterfly + Love Connection is another goodie for soulmate searching.

Where can I find the Power Essence Sprays?

Here >>> http://urbanspiritwoman.com/product-category/power-essence-sprays/

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