Spellwork in Real Life

How to Add More Power to Your Spellwork

There are certain herbs that act as catalysts spellwork and potions. Catalysts (according to my personal experiences) are ingredients that add extra fire, speed or movement to a spell. It’s like the difference between a pack of sugar, and a cup of honey. The single pack of sugar will sweeten your glass of tea ever so…

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A Simple Cursing Spell That Works Surprisingly Well

If you’ve had the chance to read my post The Good, the Bad and the Karma, you know that I’m 100% for cursing. Cursing as in dark magick… cursing as in sending ‘not-so-nice’ energy to people who maliciously disturb my groove. I don’t do it often. And I only offer it as a service to…

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Healing an Illness with Magick: How It Worked for Me

I create a lot of magickal oils that never make it to the sales page of this website. It’s often because I’m still testing a formula in the real world… but sometimes it’s because I’m nervous about making claims about what a potion can do. Illness be Gone is one such oil that you won’t…

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An Example of How Magickal Oils Should be Combined

I’m friends with a single mom whose son attends my daughter’s school. While I don’t tell everyone about my illustrious history with spellwork and magick, she is one of the few people whom I have allowed into the circle of trust. So anyway, last week we were supposed to turn in $200+ for a multi-day…

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The Good, the Bad and the Karma

I was scanning through Spellbound Herbals Instagram feed today. A post from a couple weeks ago showed the owner of the shop holding up a flyer that read: Witches We Need You Hex on NRA Curse for Trump Love Potion for All Earth People One of their followers left a comment that said: “Real witches…

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